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ICTCS & Slimline Clamps

The ICTCS clamping system is the answer for quick and easy hooping and sewing of heavy, hard to hoop items. The spring loaded clamping system secures the item firmly and adhesive backing is not needed. Simply clamp the item and you are ready to sew.

Part Numbers for ICTCS 5'' Chassis

ICTCS/CH/QS380 5" Chassis QS 380ns 
ICTCS/CH/QS520 5" Chassis QS 520ns  
ICTCS/P1 2.5" x 4" ICTCS Window  
ICTCS/P2    3.5" x 4" ICTCS Window
ICTCS/P3 4.5" x 4.5" ICTCS Window
ICTCS/HB Hat Back Window 
ICTCS/HSL Hat Left Side Window
ICTCS/HSR Hat Right Side Window

Part Numbers for ICTCS 9" Chassis

ICTCS2/CH/QS380 9" Chassis QS 380ns
ICTCS2/CH/QS520 9" Chassis QS 520ns
ICTCS2/W1 7.5" x 6" Window 
ICTCS2/W2  4.5" x 6" Window
ICTCS2/W3 5" x 5" Window     
ICTCS2/W4 6" x 6" Window   
ICTCS2/W5    3.5" x 6" Window
ICTCS2/W6 7.5" X 3" Window   
ICTCS2/W7 5.5"  Round Window

 Slim Line Chassis I

SLCHS/S1 2.5" x 4" Window 
SLCHS/S7 2.5" Round Window
SLCHS/2 3.5" x 5.5" Window
SLCHS/3 4.5" x 4.5" Window
SLCHS/S4 5.5" x 3.5" Window  
SLCHS/S5 6.5" x 5.5" Window
SLCHS/S6    5.5" Round
SLCHS/HRL  Hat Right
SLCHS/HSL   Hat Left

Slim Line Chassis 2

SLCHS2/Chassis  SLIM LINE-2 Chassis  w/Adapter 
SLCHS2/S8 4.5" x 9" Window
SLCHS2/S9 8" x 8" Window8" x 8" Window
SLCHS2/S10  9" x 9" Window
SLCHS2/S11  12" x 5" Window
SLCHS2/S12  12" x 9" Window
SLCHS2/S13 8" x 5" Window
SLCHS2/S14 6.5" x 6.5" Window

NOTE:  Features, specifications, included items and compatible accessories subject to change at any time, without prior notice. Ratings are approximate. Information on these pages is provided without guarantee.


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