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TES V3 Modifier Plus


A full featured editing software capable of modifying designs in expanded or condensed format. Create monograms or personalize stock designs quickly and easily with Modifier Plus 140 fonts and various frames.

TES V3 Modifier Features:

  • Full Editing Features
  • Modify both stitch files and block data files. Move
    points and/or stitches, change density, add underlay and much more.
  • 140 Fonts and 30 Lettering Frames
  • True Type Font Conversion
  • Over 700 Special Stitch Types, including Pattern Step Fills, Motif Fills, Elastic Fills
  • Reorder, change colors, and select areas of a design quickly & easily with Object List
  • Save your most popular settings for future use
    with Font Profiles.
  • Installation CD
  • User Manual
  • Security Key
  • 140 Fonts

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