XT Automat

All of Barudan singlehead machines are equipped with the XT automat. This intuitive, user-friendly icon based operating system features a color automat and allows the operator to quickly load, view, teach colors and much more. The XT automat operations are the same as Barudan's multihead XS/XY machines.

Key Features:

100 Memory Locations, 10 million stitch memory

5.7" Color LCD Display

Timeline - shows sewing progress color change

Stitch Processing (DSP)

Frame Outlines (Hoop Display on Screen)

Centering Feature (One Touch Centering Tool)

Visual Pattern preview

Design Outline Trace with Laser Pointer

2 USB Ports - USB Memory stick, barcode scanners, etc.

Shortcuts - Customize most-used icons to save time

Dual Tasking - Load/teach next design while sewing

Help Files - Error messages with troubleshooting available on screen

Name Drop - Separates names in a multiple name design for viewing and sewing purposes

LAN Connector Standard for Barudan's networking programs - Networked machines can share designs and be monitored in real-time.

COM Connector Standard for direct-connect and networking programs


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