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Sequin Machines (KY Series 2 thru 8-head)


The Sequin multi-head specialty machines allow you to do both embroidery and sequins. Let your creativity run wild and be the first to offer multi color sequin embellishment. The machine uses standard sequin sizes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 7mm. Optional sequin size is also available in 9mm. With sewing speeds of up to 1,000 stitches per minute, sewing embroidered goods can be accomplished with this powerful mult- head as well.

All Barudan Sequin Machines Feature:

  • More efficient sequin device, stays in the down position during thread trimming and sequin jump movements.
  • Sewing speeds up to 1,000 stitches per minute when using 3, 4 and 5 mm sequins.
  • Only needs one sequin function code to feed and sew each sequin to the garment.
  • Special alignment of the sequin device optimizes the embroidery field.
  • 15 Needles; 3, 4, 5 and 7 mm sequins.
  • 450x520 mm sewing field (approximately 17½  x 20¼ inches)
  • Available with dual sequin devices


 Image shown features the dual sequin option 

Features and Specifications are subject to change at any time, without prior notice. Information on these pages is provided without guarantee.
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  • Advantage EX Cap Frame System: Includes quick-install drive unit, framing device, and two cap frames per sewing head
  • Tool Box with basic tools, supplies and lubricants
  • Detailed Parts Book (on CD) with drawings showing user-replaceable parts in your machine
  • Machine Manual Operations and Quick Reference Guide (on CD)
  • USB memory stick for transferring embroidery designs to your machine
  • LAN Port Standard - Available for Barudan LEM networking software
  • COM Port Standard - Available for direct connections and Barudan's Design File Server networking software
  • ETL Listed - Safety tested to UL standard 1594

    Standard frames (two per sewing head):   

    • 12cm (approximately 4½ inches) Blue Round Frames
    • 15cm (approximately 5¾ inches) Blue Round Frames       
    • 300x290mm Oblong Frames (approximately 11¾ x 11 inches)  
    • *330x438mm Oblong Frames (approximately 12¾ x 17 inches)
      *Not available on 380 machines

    Additional frames available:

    • 9cm (approximately 3½ inches) Blue Round Frames
    • 18cm (approximately 7 inches) Blue Round Frames   
    • *460x434mm Oblong Frames (approximately 18 x 17 inches) 
      *Not available on 380 machines

                                                 EX Advantage Cap System

Specifications: KY Series Multi-head (2-8-heads)

Needles: 15
Stitch Type: Lockstitch
Stitch Length:  0.1 - 12.7mm (without jump); virtually unlimited (with jump)
Trimmers: Cut top and bottom thread
*Sewing Speed:
200-1100 spm (standard frames); 200-1000*spm (cap frames)
  *8-head Wide Field machine 200-1000spm (standard frames); 200-900 spm (cap frames)
Media: USB Memory Stick (holds 5,000 designs in up to 50 different folders)
I/O: Serial Port & LAN Connector (both standard)
Display: 10.4" Touch Color LCD
Standard Power: [1P] AC100-240V
Optional Power:  [3P] AC200-415V
Consumption: 0.4 (kW) 6-head, 8-head, .35 (kW) 2-head, 4-head
Rating: 1.2 (kVA)

Dimensions & Weight: BEKY-S1502CII/520

Sewing Heads: 2
Sewing Field: 450x520/520 mm (Approximately 17½ x 20¼  inches)
Machine Dimensions & Weight:
2045L x 1245W x 1690Hmm
81L x 49W x 67H inches
Net Weight: 530 kg, 1168 lbs
Shipping Crate Dimensions & Weight:
107L x 45W x 70H inches 
Crated Weight: 738 kg, 1627 lbs

Dimensions & Weight: BEKY-S1504CII/520

Sewing Heads: 4
Sewing Field: 450x520/520 mm (Approximately 17½ x 20¼  inches)
Machine Dimensions & Weight:
3085L x 1245W 1690 mm
122L x 49W x 67H inches
Shipping Crate Dimensions & Weight:
130L x 45W 70H inches
Crated Weight: 1018 kg, 2244 lbs
Net Weight: 783 kg, 1726 lbs

Dimensions & Weight - BEKY-S1506CII/520

Sewing Heads: 6
Sewing Field: 450x520/520 mm (Approximately 17½ x 20¼  inches)
Machine Dimensions & Weight:
4125L x 1245W 1690H mm
163Lx 49W x 67H inches
Net Machine Weight: 1071 kg, 2361 lbs
Shipping Crate Dimensions & Weight:
171L x 45W x 72H inches
Crated Machine Weight: 1357 kg, 2992 lbs

Dimensions & Weight: BEKY-S1508CII/520 & 380


Model: BEKY-S1508CII/520
Sewing Heads: 
Sewing Field: 
450x520/520 mm (Approximately 17½ x 20¼  inches)
Machine Dimensions & Weight:
5265L x 1245W x 1690H mm
207.3L x 49W x 67H inches
Shipping Crate Dimensions & Weight:
218L x  45W x 75H inches
Crated Weight: 1860 kg, 4092 lbs
Net Weight: 1360 kg, 2992 lbs

Model: BEKY-S1508CII/380
Sewing Heads:
Sewing Field: 450x380/380 mm (Approximately 17½ x 14¾ inches)
Machine Dimensions & Weight:
3905L x 1254W x 1690H mm
154L x 49W x 67H inches
Shipping Crate Dimensions & Weight:
168L  x 45W x 75H inches
Crated Weight: 1327 kg, 2926 lbs
Net Weight: 1060 kg, 2336 lbs

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