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ESP Embroidery Startup Package


We've thought of everything you need to get up and running. Whether you're adding embroidery to an existing business, or starting a new business, the ESP package will help you get going and start you growing fast.

Simply purchase a Barudan machine and design software, along with any other options you need, add Barudan's ESP package, and you're in business.

The ESP package does not include the purchase of Barudan embroidery machine or design software.

Embroidery Startup Package (ESP) includes:

The ESP Package includes:

Design Resources

  • Dakota Treasure Chest Design Pack 
    From Dakota Collectibles, this library contains over 5,000 carefully selected, high quality designs, in a wide variety of themes, that will result in hassle-free, impressive embroidery.

Supplies and Accessories

  • Deluxe Supply Kit
    Pre-wound Bobbins (144) 
    Medium Weight Cutaway Backing, 14" x 20" (250 pcs.) 
    Firm Tearaway Backing, 14" x 14" (250 pcs.) 
    Medium Weight Tearaway Backing 7½" x 8" (250 pcs.) 
    Cap Backing, 4 1/8"x 25 yds. 
    No-Show Perforated Backing, 8" x 8" x 100 yds. 
    Adhesive Backing, 9" x 12 yds. 
    Water Soluble Topping, 6" x 12", 100 pcs. 
    3-D Foam Backing, pkg. of 8 assorted colors 
    75-11 Ball Point Needles (50) 
    75-11 Normal Point Needles (50) 
    8" Bent Trimmer Scissors 
    3½" Curved Tip Scissors 
    Trimming Tweezers 
    Lint Cleaning Brush 
    Disappearing Ink Fabric Marker 
    6" Ruler 
    Tube Oiler 
    Canned Air 
    Spray Adhesive
  • 15-Cone Thread Kit, with Madeira's most popular set of thread colors