Having a Barudan machine is a great first step - certain accessories will help you make the most out of your machine. Barudan America offers embroidery accessories that can help you increase production, hoop difficult items and offer specialized embroidery techniques. 

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Standard Frames - Our double height tubular frames are thick and sturdy to hold even your thickest garments tightly and securely. They're also designed for quick and easy framing with less operator stress.

EX Cap Frames - The Advantage EX Cap Frame has been designed for easy installation, no tools needed with this self-aligning device.

Hooping Aides - Getting your garments hooped accurately the first time will increase your production time and make your life a lot easier.

Clamping Systems - Certain garments and items are better suited for hooping in clamping systems versus the standard frames.

Special Application Frames - Military names, socks, pant legs, sleeves - these special frames make this simple work.

Specialized Embroidery Applications - The Cording & Looping Device and a boring needle will help you create intricate embroidery effects.