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Despite a plethora of natural disasters, rising energy costs and mixed economic news during the past few years, the decorated apparel industry has enjoyed steady growth - to the tune of $43.9 billion in 2006, up 5% from 2005, according to the 2007 Impressions Decorated Apparel Universe Study conducted at mid-year. That's on top of 6% growth from 2004 to 2005, the period preceding the year the 2007 Impressions Decorated Apparel Universe Study covers.

"Still, it appears that the decorated apparel industry is resilient enough to withstand whatever Mother Nature or the economy dishes out" states Mark Venit, president, Apparel Graphics Institute Ltd., Ocean Pines, Md., whose 25 years of consulting provides a long view of the industry. He ventures that the decorated apparel industry is "darn near" recession-proof."

Starting a decorated apparel business can be scary. Here we have gathered several helpful articles to get you started. You'll learn more about Why embroidery, market information, finding niche opportunities and more.

With this information and our Embroidery StartUp Program (ESP) you'll be ready to see a brighter future with Barudan.

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