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EmbroideryStudio e4 Digitzing

Professional embroidery and apparel decoration design software

Bring your embroidery and multi-decoration designs to life with EmbroideryStudio e4. With CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite included, EmbroideryStudio is a design and production system without rival. That's why professional embroiderers and apparel decorators the world over have made it the industry standard for its features, for its simplicity, and for its quality. 

Barudan offers Wilcom's two levels of digitizing software:

  • EmbroideryStudio e4 Decorating
  • EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing

Download the EmbroideryStudio e4 Decorating Brochure (PDF) 
Download the EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing Brochure (PDF) 

If you’re serious about embroidery and multi-decoration, EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing is your answer. As Wilcom’s flagship product it provides all the tools a professional embroiderer would need and more. Harness the full power of Wilcom lettering, editing and embroidery digitizing software.  
Now integrated with CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite, EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing is your all-in-one design solution not just for embroidery but DTG, screen print, rhinestones, appliqué and more.

It’s your business. Choose the Elements you need.

Add as your grow.

The EmbroideryStudio e4 Designing base product includes all the tools common to every digitizer. The optional Elements lets you add the specific functionality your business needs. 
Add one, some or all of them. That way you only pay for what you need. When you need more specific capabilities, simply add Elements to EmbroideryStudio Designing for digitizing power tools, creative effects and different decoration processes.

For more information on EmbroideryStudio e4, click here.

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