TES Version 3 Updates 

Live Update will automatically load this software if your TES computer is connected to the internet. If you do not have internet access, you can download this file and transfer it to your TES computer on a CD-ROM or a CompactFlash card.

Note: Each update includes all of the changes in previous updates; for example, if you missed Versions 1.0 & 1.2, then only Version needs to be run.

Single File Download of 1.7 update for TES Version 3.0

TES_VER3017.EXE (23.5 MB)


These files will let you use TES on Microsoft VISTA, if you have the Black Axalto keys.

For 32 Bit VISTA:    Egate-Vista-32bit.zip
   For 64 Bit VISTA:    Egate-Vista-64bit.zip

Fonts Update

Additional Updates

Modified Fonts Update
This update will add improved versions of fonts for the Version 3 software, to always ensure high quality results. This setup replaces 12 of the existing fonts with new improved ones. These fonts are:

Download this file to you computer and double click to run.

The EOS/TES program MUST NOT be running to perform this installation
Note: If you current level does not  have some of these fonts, this download will not add any new fonts, only improve the fonts that you currently have.

Language Updates


French Help File
This file will provide French help files for TES.
Download the file and save it to the  C:\Barudan\TES3\Misc folder.
When TES3 is started with French as the selected language, the Help will be in French as well.

French: FRA_TES.chm

TES version 3.01 (posted Aug 1st, 2005) has updated language files. If you use TES in any of the languages below, you will need to download the corresponding file:

Chinese Simplified: CldCHS.dll

Czech: CldCSY.dll

German: CldDEU.dll

Spanish: CldESP.dll

French: CldFRA.dll

Italian: CldITA.dll

Dutch: CldNLD.dll

Portuguese: CldPTG.dll

Russian: CldRUS.dll

Slovenian: CldSLV.dll

Thai: CldTHA.dll

Turkish: CldTRK.dll

Japanese: CldJPN.dll

Greek: CldELL.dll

When you download the file, copy it to the TES folder in a directory called "Locale".
This will overwrite the old language file.

Original URL: http://www.barudanamerica.com/index/tech-support/software/tes-v3.html