Chenille Single-Head: BEXY-CL01

The three-dimensional look and feel of Chenille has expanded outside of the sporting goods market to many new specialized apparel markets. Riding clubs, organized intramural clubs, alumni organizations to name a few. Now is the time to diversify and add chenille to your existing embroidery business.

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Standard Power: [1P] AC100-240V
Consumption: 0.300 (kW)
Rating: 0.500 (kVA)


Sewing Heads: 1
Sewing Field: 450x800 mm (Approximately 17½ x 31 inches)
1465L x 2010L x 1410W mm
57.67H x 79.13L x 55.5W inches

Shipping Dimensions:

1524H x 2210L x 1625W mm
60H x 87L x 64W inches
Crated Weight: 854 kg, 1883 lbs
Net Weight: 623 kg, 1373 lbs



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