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Since 1959, Barudan has been producing the best built, most reliable embroidery machines in the world. In addition to embroidery equipment from single to fifty-six head machines including sequin and chenille, Barudan offers networking and digitizing software. Corporate headquarters are located in Solon, Ohio

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"The sales team and technical team have been outstanding in many years, and I could hardly imagine working with anyone else other than the Barudan team!"

"I have told multiple shops looking into embroidery PLEASE go with Barudan! We absolutely LOVE our machine and the service that has come with it!"

"Great machines, loyal customer"

"We love the touch screen displays"

"Customer service is above average and highly knowledgeable staff was the reason we continue to come back for more!"


95 percent of recent customers surveyed would highly recommend a Barudan machine purchase


93 percent of recent customers surveyed are likely to purchase another Barudan embroidery machine in the future


100 percent of customers recently surveyed rated their machine productivity high or very high

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