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New KY Series - 2-8-heads

Barudan's newest 2 through 8 head machines now have:

  • New SmartHead technology SH Sewing Head
  • Servo Motors for Increased Production

See details in K Series Brochure.

The bridge type head configuration allows for a large 450 mm x 520 mm sewing field (approximately 17¾ x 20½ inches) whether choosing a 2-head, 4-head, 6-head or 8-head model, you will see increased production with exceptional quality. Effortlessly change from sewing flats to caps with no tools with the Barudan Advantage EX Cap Frame system. The 5-phase stepper motors and positive needle drive technology allow you to expertly sew on a variety of garments from fine silk to heavy leather.

  • 15 Needles
  • 450X520mm sewing field (approximately 17¾ x 20½ inches)
  • 1,100 stitches per minute on flats, 1000 spm on caps
  • K-Series Automat -See details in K-Series Multi-head Machines

    NOTE: 450X380mm sewing field on our 6-head 380 and 8-head 380 machines.

Features and Specifications are subject to change at any time, without prior notice. Information on these pages is provided without guarantee.
  • Advantage EX Cap Frame System: Includes quick-install drive unit, framing device, and two cap frames per sewing head
  • Tool Box with basic tools, supplies and lubricants
  • Detailed Parts Book (on CD) with drawings showing user-replaceable parts in your machine
  • Machine Manual Operations and Quick Reference Guide (on CD)
  • USB memory stick for transferring embroidery designs to your machine
  • LAN Port Standard - Available for Barudan LEM networking software
  • COM Port Standard - Available for direct connections and Barudan's Design File Server networking software
  • ETL Listed - Safety tested to UL standard 1594

    Standard frames (two per sewing head):   

    • 12cm (approximately 4½ inches) Blue Round Frames
    • 15cm (approximately 5¾ inches) Blue Round Frames       
    • 300x290mm Oblong Frames (approximately 11¾ x 11 inches)  
    • *330x438mm Oblong Frames (approximately 12¾ x 17 inches)
      *Not available on 380 machines

    Additional frames available:

    • 9cm (approximately 3½ inches) Blue Round Frames
    • 18cm (approximately 7 inches) Blue Round Frames   
    • *460x434mm Oblong Frames (approximately 18 x 17 inches) 
      *Not available on 380 machines

                                                 EX Advantage Cap System

Specifications: KY Series Multi-head (2-8-heads)

Needles: 15 
Stitch Type: Lockstitch
Stitch Length:  0.1 - 12.7mm (without jump); virtually unlimited (with jump)
Trimmers: Cut top and bottom thread
*Sewing Speed: 
200-1100 spm (standard frames); 200-1000*spm (cap frames)
  *8-head Wide Field machine 200-1000spm (standard frames); 200-900 spm (cap frames)
Media: USB Memory Stick (holds 5,000 designs in up to 50 different folders)
I/O: Serial Port & LAN Connector (both standard)
Display: 10.4" Touch Color LCD
Standard Power: [1P] AC100-240V
Optional Power:  [3P] AC200-415V
Consumption: 0.4 (kW) 6-head, 8-head, .35 (kW) 2-head, 4-head
Rating: 1.2 (kVA)

Dimensions & Weight: BEKY-S1502CII/520

Sewing Heads: 2
Sewing Field: 450x520/520 mm (Approximately 17½ x 20¼  inches)
Machine Dimensions & Weight:
2045L x 1245W x 1690Hmm
81L x 49W x 67H inches
Net Weight: 530 kg, 1168 lbs
Shipping Crate Dimensions & Weight:
107L x 45W x 70H inches 
Crated Weight: 738 kg, 1627 lbs

Dimensions & Weight: BEKY-S1504CII/520

Sewing Heads: 4
Sewing Field: 450x520/520 mm (Approximately 17½ x 20¼  inches)
Machine Dimensions & Weight:
3085L x 1245W 1690 mm
122L x 49W x 67H inches
Shipping Crate Dimensions & Weight:
130L x 45W 70H inches
Crated Weight: 1018 kg, 2244 lbs
Net Weight: 783 kg, 1726 lbs

Dimensions & Weight - BEKY-S1506CII/520

Sewing Heads: 6
Sewing Field: 450x520/520 mm (Approximately 17½ x 20¼  inches)
Machine Dimensions & Weight:
4125L x 1245W 1690H mm
163Lx 49W x 67H inches
Net Machine Weight: 1071 kg, 2361 lbs
Shipping Crate Dimensions & Weight:
171L x 45W x 72H inches
Crated Machine Weight: 1357 kg, 2992 lbs

Dimensions & Weight: BEKY-S1508CII/520 & 380


Model: BEKY-S1508CII/520
Sewing Heads: 
Sewing Field: 
450x520/520 mm (Approximately 17½ x 20¼  inches)
Machine Dimensions & Weight:
5265L x 1245W x 1690H mm
207.3L x 49W x 67H inches
Shipping Crate Dimensions & Weight:
218L x  45W x 75H inches
Crated Weight: 1860 kg, 4092 lbs
Net Weight: 1360 kg, 2992 lbs

Model: BEKY-S1508CII/380
Sewing Heads:
Sewing Field: 450x380/380 mm (Approximately 17½ x 14¾ inches)
Machine Dimensions & Weight:
3905L x 1254W x 1690H mm
154L x 49W x 67H inches
Shipping Crate Dimensions & Weight:
168L  x 45W x 75H inches
Crated Weight: 1327 kg, 2926 lbs
Net Weight: 1060 kg, 2336 lbs

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