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LEM Pro 3

Barudan's LEM Pro 3 gives you the ability to network multiple machines and seamlessly enhance production. LEM Pro 3 allows you to stop using CF Cards and floppy disks (on older machines), automate the download process, connect more machines, plus generate production reports. Connects to K, X, V, and D-series machines.

LEM Pro 3 Features:

  • Network Up to 100 Machines - Connects up to 100 machine via LAN connection. Requires a LAN connector for each machine.
  • Machine data is stored in a database
  • Barcode Scanner with Easy Download Mode for K, X, V and newer D-Series - Machines with barcode scanners can use the fast and easy 1-2-3 download method in Direct Download Mode.
  • Powerful File Storage - A configurable storage solution to search multiple folders and sub-folders. An almost unlimited number of files are available for download in an organized structure that meets your business's needs.
  • Connect to Earlier Series Barudan Machines - Connects your new and earlier model equipment - connects to Barudan X, V, and D-Series machines.
  • Maintenance and Production Reporting - Produces 4 different report options to manage production capability
  • View and run machine data reports with Web Page Reports
  • Report Export and Print - Reports can be directly exported to Microsoft Excel and printed for further analysis
  • Product Time Report - Shows the production time spent on each run
  • Thread Break Report - Shows thread breaks by machine or stitch file/pattern allowing analysis of design digitizing or machine problems
  • Product Count Report - Records how many units are produced
  • Machine Driver Stop Report - Shows all machine errors for troubleshooting and analysis
  • Direct Download Transfer Mode - Machine operator types or barcodes the design name and the stitch file is downloaded to the machine - "Pull Mode"
  • Scheduled Transfer Mode - Supervisor selects stitch files for each machine and queues them for downloading in order - "Push Mode"
  • Faster download speed for K and X-Series - Download a 10,000 stitch design in a few seconds.
  • Expanded CF Card Memory for V-Series and D-Series - Automatically set to use CF Card as expanded memory - a 32 Mg CF Card provides 10 million stitch memory on D-Series machines.
  • Reads Most Popular Machine Formats - Capable of loading and reading most popular industry machine formats including, FDR, DST, PRJ, Happy, Toyota, ZSK and others.
  • Teach Color Changes - Easily teaches color changes on your PC before sending to sew.
  • Assign Machine Thread Colors - Assigns up to 100 machines to thread colors set on the machine.
  • Manages Multi-Machine Status - Gives you the capability to view machine status of all machines connected to the network.
LEM Pro Includes:
  • Installation CD
  • User Manual
  • Optional Software Maintenance Agreement 
    Assures ongoing upgrades and additional support.
Computer Requirements