TES V3 Creator

TES V3 Creator is known for its user-friendly features, functions, techniques and tools providing maximum flexibility when creating an embroidery design. This level offers you full digitizing capabilities at an extremely affordable price. Creator Plus contains a level of digitizing as much as some of our competitor's most advanced systems. Personalize your work with one of 140 fonts and various frames.

TES V3 Creator Features:

  • Full Digitizing Capabilities as well as editing and lettering.
  • Free-form tool - All-inclusive tool, uses recipes to create many different types of blocks with one tool.
  • Magic Wand - Automatically recognizes blocks & places points around an area for fast digitizing.
  • Bezier Curves - Allows for digitizing with fewer points & editing.
  • Smart Edges - Automatically places points on an outline as you digitize an area.
  • Wide range of image formats: EMF, BMP, TIFF, JPG, PCX, PCD, TGA, PSD, WMF, EPS, CDR (V4,5,6).
  • Variable Density adjusts density for color blending.
  • Split Block - Split up a block of stitches for easier editing.
  • Enhanced true type conversion. 
  • Installation CD
  • User Manual
  • Security Key
  • 140 Fonts