TES V3 Professional

TES V3 Professional is the advanced digitizing software package and a powerful solution to run your digitizing business. Compare TES V3 Professional to any other system at any price, and you'll agree.

TES V3 Professional Features:

  • Merge Blocks - Avoid overlapping between blocks with common characteristics just merge them together.
  • Color Blending Tool - Select two colors and generate a blended fill automatically.
  • Elastic Outlines - Adjust outlines while digitizing.
  • Advanced Satin Mode - Create a column stitch and edit the width of the satin  along the line.
  • Special stitch effects, including, Spiral Fill and Wave Column.
  • Snap to Grid - Use a grid or guideline and snap lettering or a design to the line.
  • Advanced Area Edit - Edit the underlay, outline or any layer separately from the top stitching.
  • AutoPunch automatically digitizes an embroidery design.
  • Auto Cross Stitch automatically generates an embroidery design with Cross Stitches.
  • HyperFont, converts any Windows True Type font into stitches with turn fills.
  • PhotoStitch Wizard scans or imports a photo or portrait to transform it into a single color or a 4 color stitched design.
  • Embroidery Simulator saves time and money by viewing embroidery samples on screen in a 3-D simulation actual garments. 
  • Installation CD
  • User Manual
  • Security Key
  • 160 Fonts