TES Embroidery Studio Plus

The advantage of TES's Embroidery Studio Plus (ESP) is that it offers a simpler digitizing program for new users. The new version of software is a great solution for the new embroidery business. It offers lettering, editing and digitizing software at an economical price.

TES Embroidery Studio Plus (ESP) Features:

  • Will read and write Beat900, dst, fdr, zsk, Melco, Toyota formats
  • 100 keyboard fonts w/30 lettering frames
  • HyperFont automatic True Type Font conversion
  • Full Editing, including Block Editing and Stitch Editing
  • Stitch Processor, AutoPunch, Name Drop
  • Multiple stitch types INCLUDING SEQUINS and APPLIQUE
  • Outline creation tool (complex fills) and branches tool (satin stitches)
  • Automatic and manual embroidery settings for density, underlay, pull compensation
  • Magic Wand for automatic outlining of vector images
  • Transmit to embroidery machine or write to CF card
  • Installation CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Training CD
  • User Manual CD
  • Live Web seminars