What Our Customers are Doing!

Dynamic Productions in Whittier, CA embroidered 15,000 caps for Floyd Mayweather!
Thanks to Sandra Culwell for sharing one of their exciting embroidery projects! 


What Our Customers are Saying!


"Here's a good one for a new customer!!! I just ran 900 hats without a single thread break! 1000spm 19 hours - no thread breaks."
Jeff Smith, McSmith Creations, Oklahoma City, OK
Proud Barudan Owner

"I wanted a quality machine that could run 24/7 and would make us money. My Barudan is flawless. For 2 years, it has sewn up to 400 garments a day. It goes and goes and never breaks. I wish my car was as reliable as my Barudan!"
Kevin Sullivan, Automotive Workwear, Inc., San Bruno, CA
Proud Barudan Owner 

"I've tried all the major brands in my 15+ years of business and I can honestly say that nothing else beats my Barudan. It has produced more than 100,000 garments in the past nine months alone. You can't do that on other machines! Barudan's quality, reliability and technical support have definitely contributed to my success!"
Stephen Sutphin, President
DAPP Embroidery, Longwood, FL
Proud Barudan Owner 

"I purchased my first Barudan machine in 1999 and added two more this year. Having used a competitor's product earlier, I personally recommend buying the best equipment right from the start. From the get-go, the relationship with Barudan was excellent. I continue to be extremely happy with Barudan's quality, technical support and service."
Wayne Roberts
R & S Sporting Goods, Roxboro, NC
Proud Barudan Owner