Military Name Clamp

The Military Name Clamp is a quick, accurate and easy way to hoop and embroider up to 1 inch strips of military tape, strapping, dog leashes or ribbon. The recessed grooves make it easy to line up the tapes straight. The individual clamps on each side keep the tape straight while clamping the tape in place.

With the Military Multi-Tape Clamp and Spool Holder, up to 9 separate military name rolls can be loaded for continuous and efficient production. No stopping and re-loading - enabling more names in less time. Spool holder is included as part of the package. 


EFP007019 Military Name Tape Clamp (1 in.) 
EFP007019A Military Name Tape Clamp (1 1/2 in.) 
EFP007019B Military Name Tape Clamp (2 in.) 
EFP007021 Clamp Adaptor Required for QS models 
EFP007031 Military Multi-Tape Clamp Assembly (1 in.)

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