Sock Frame

The Sock Frame Attachment was designed for continuous embroidery on socks. This magnetic hooping system, is available for both adult and children's socks. Hoops snap into place quickly, save time and increase profits.

  • Adult sock frame 3 1/4" wide - sewing area 2-3/8"
  • Child sock frame 2 5/8" wide - sewing area 2"

The machine sews the pattern twice moving automatically between each sock frame before stopping. Also available for this attachment; a pocket frame for quick embroidery on pockets. Increases productivity when sewing small designs on socks and pockets. Great attachment for embroidering wristbands.

Can only be used on machines with QS pantograph system.

The Sock Frame Attachment is available in two sizes
Adult, 3-1/4" wide (2-3/8" sewing area), and Child's, 2-5/8" wide (2" sewing area) 

SC730390 QS Pocket, Sock Frame Bracket Assembly 
FR300070 Magnetic Holder - Master A 
FR202008 QS Adult Sock Frame 
FR202010 QS Child Sock Frame 
FR500090 Magnetic Pocket Frame 
FR202004 Sock Framing Board (Adult) 
FR202005 Sock Framing Board (Child)

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