HoopMaster is a revolutionary tubular hooping system. A novice will find it easy to use and will be hooping 
quickly and accurately in no time. Increase your productivity and profitability with this hooping system.

With the HoopMaster's patented features you can document logo placement for quick setups and 
more consistent placement. The HoopMaster is custom made for Barudan hoops, so there is no hardware to adjust.

BTB-12-KIT HoopMaster Kit (1 - Fixture 12cm)
BTB-15-KIT HoopMaster Kit (1 - Fixture 15cm)
BTB-12-15 HoopMaster Kit (2-Size, 12cm & 15cm)
BTB-12-15-240 HoopMaster Kit (2-Size & Jacket Kit 12cm, 15cm & 240x240)
BTB-12-15-300 HoopMaster Kit (2-Size & Jacket Kit 12cm, 15cm & 300x290)
BTB-12-15-18-300 HoopMaster Kit (3-Size & Jacket Kit 12cm, 15cm,18cm & 300x290)
BTB-300X430 Jacket Back Frame (300 x 430)
BTB-330X438 Jacket Back Frame (330 x 438)


Download the HoopMaster Brochure

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