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Meistergram Zig Zag Machines

Zig-Zag Single-head Machines Parts Books (B2000 and Meistergram):

These monogram machines with zig-zag sewing machine heads were produced under the Meistergram name, and eventually under the B2000 label.

B2000 Barudan nameplate with Mark 5 trimmer. Table top tubular XLC 

M2000 (Meistergram) Table top tubular XLC with VGA monochrome monitor
Parts book not available.

M900XLC Tubular (Meistergram) 2nd version of 900XLC built from 1995-1999, with serial numbers starting at 95112F- with tubular arm system. 

Supplement with Trimmer parts for either M900XLC model

M900XLC (Meistergram) Original 900XLC built from 1991-1995, with serial numbers below 95112F- without tubular arm system. 

M800XLC (Meistergram) XLC cylinder arm, with monitor and floppy disk.  This model sold from 1989-1991

M800XLM (Meistergram) XLM, with monitor and detachable keyboard. 1988-1989

M800 (Meistergram) Meistergram model, with monitor and detachable keyboard. 9"x9" sewing area. (1988-1989)

M700 (Meistergram) Model with JNS sewing head, ~9"x9" sewing area, built-in keyboard, , micro-cassette tape 1983-1988

M700XL (Meistergram) Meistergram model, with XLM sewing head, built-in keyboard, large sewing field, micro-cassette tape. (1984-1988)

M600XL (Meistergram) Meistergram model, with XL sewing head (18" x 9" sewing field) separate control console with keyboard, micro-cassette tape, 1982-1984
Parts book not available.

M600 (Meistergram) Meistergram model, with 9" x 9" sewing field, separate control console with keyboard, micro-cassette tape, ~1979-1984
Parts book not available.

M100-J    M80-J   (Meistergram) 
M100-JNS   M80-JNS (Meistergram)
Meistergram monogram machines. M100 has a multi-ratio pantograph and uses phenolic letter templates, M80 is free-hand embroidery machine. Two different sewing heads were used, "J" and "JNS." Produced 1970's thru the 1980's
M100-J & M80-J_Operation_with_parts.pdf

M100-JNS & M80-JNS_Operation_with_parts.pdf