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BEAT900 Updates

Instructions for making BEAT 900 update disks

Each of the Disk download files contain a "zipped" copy of the files for each Update disk (1 ~ 4) To make a disk:

  1.  Make a label with the proper update number that matches the icon (file), and apply it to a Blank, DOS formatted 3.5" floppy disk.
  2. Insert the floppy disk in the A:\ drive.
  3. Double click on the corresponding Disk Icon (file.) The program will automatically un-zip the files and write them to the disk.
  4. Repeat steps 1 ~ 3 for the remaining 3 disks for a total of 4 disks.

Special note about BEAT 900 YN machines with Mark 4 trimmers:

The YN software when loaded, automatically sets the machine to Mark 5 trimmers. Therefore you have to manually change the trimmer type to Mark 4 trimmer. This has to be done whenever software is loaded or if a Software Reset is done.

Instructions for changing trimmer type:

  1. From the BEAT System screen, select "Settings"
  2. While holding down the "CTRL" and ALT" keys, press the "B" key. The screen should change on the top.
  3. Select "Machine"
  4. Click on Machine Type to change to "Mark 4" trimmer.
  5. Select "OK"
  6. Select "File" "Exit"
  7. Select "File" "Quit"

Select "Yes" to save changes.


Software version 2.02 Rev 20

900ZN Disk 1
900ZN Disk 2
900ZN Disk 3
900ZN Disk 4 MK5 Trimmer


Software version 2.02 Rev 20

900YS Disk 1
900YS Disk 2
900YS Disk 3
900YS Disk 4 MK4 Trimmer  
900YS Disk 4 MK5 Trimmer


Software version 2.02 Rev 20

900YN Disk 1
900YN Disk 2
900YN Disk 3
900YN Disk 4 MK5 Trimmer  Mk4 trimmers have special instructions to the left.