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X Series Updates

The X Series software updates are for the XS/XY/XT machines.

The X Series system update is comprised of 2 system programs. Each system needs to be updated when there is updated versions. The most current software updates are below:

Current release updated 10/20/22: V7.20 R00 for Operation System (Linux) V7.20 R00 for Control System (MCB)

This software is for Barudan "X" series machines. Specific model numbers include:

  • BEXY-Z1502C
  • BEXY-S1502CII
  • BEXY-Z1504C
  • BEXY-S1504CII
  • BEXY-Z1506C
  • BEXY-S1506CII
  • BEXY-Z1508C
  • BEXY-S1508CII
  • BEXS-Z1512C
  • BEXS-Z1515C
  • BEXS-S1512C
  • BEXS-S1515C
  • BEXT-S1501CII
  • BEXT-S1501CBII

The first step is to check what system version your machine is currently running before proceeding. 

Instructions for checking which version of X software you have:

  1. Press the Preference key. Preferences setting screen displays with various options.
  2. Press the G-key below the NEXT icon.
  3. Press the A-key below the VERSION icon. The following screen displays:Operation System:  Displays Operation Software Version
    Control System:  Displays the Control Software Version
    Boot:  Displays the Boot ROM Software Version
    Power Frequency:  Displays Power Input Frequency
  4. Press the A-key below the VERSION icon to go back to the Preference Setting screen.

Instructions for Downloading and Saving the Operation system file

  1. Download the Operation system zip file above to your computer's hard drive.
  2. Unzip the system software file.
  3. Copy this operation system file (*.xss) directly to the USB flash drive into the root directory.

Instructions for Downloading and Saving the Control system file

  1. Download the Control system zip file above and save on your computer's hard disk.  
  2. Unzip the control system file.
  3. Create a new folder on the USB flash drive named SYSTEM.
  4. Copy Control system file (*.sys) into the SYSTEM folder you just created on the USB flash drive.

Instructions for Updating system files on X Series machine

  1. Turn the power OFF at the Automat. 
  2. Insert the USB flash drive with the new system software on it. 
  3. While the machine is OFF, press and hold the ORIGIN key and then Power ON
  4. Hold the ORIGIN key until the automat makes an intermittent beeping sound, and the system update screen displays.
  5. Use the A-key below the LINUX icon to display the Operation System Update screen.
  6. Use the B-key below the MCB icon to display the Control System Update screen.
  7. Use the D-key below the Up Arrow icon or the E-key below the Down Arrow icon to select a System Software Version to update.
  8. After selecting the system software that you want to update, press and hold the G-key below the Enter/Execute icon to start the system software update. 
  9. After the update completes, turn OFF the power and restart.
  10. After completing the software updates, turn the power OFF to exist the update menus.


Highlights of changes:

V7.20 R00

  • Sequin TSL/TSR code auto convert function
  • Improved Automending on XT model
  • Fatal stop message changed to “Please restart machine”
  • Fixed thread break log for BNET
  • Fixed LEM DHCP function, data issues, and other various functions

V7.10 R01

  • Slider retry bug fix
  • LEM bug fixes

V7.10 R00

  • Official release software for Light tower function
  • Improved incorrect USB thumbnail images

V7.00 R00

  • Improves CB3 N00 errors at power up

V6.90 R00

  • Frame Outline Display Limits
  • Changed Cap Mode Frame Limits
  • Changed Network Time-Out Icon
  • Changed COM Tape Code operation
  • New Head Selection mode. P01 = Head #1 only, P02 = Head #2 only etc.
  • Beeping Indicator for Name Drop mode was added
  • FMP (Frame Moving Point) shortcut added
  • LEM Direct Download opens with blank input name

V6.80 R01

  • Tie-off before color change is added
  • Fixed issues with D22 trimmer errors on XTs
  • Fixed issue with D12 slider errors in LEM Pro reports

V6.80 R00

  • R-N Auto Cancel Drive Function
  • Matrix layout by design origin
  • Barcode for Frame Outline Display
  • Frame Change Mode (Time-Out) message
  • Frame Outline margin display fix

V6.70 R01

  • Improvements for CBIII machines

V6.70 R00

  • Function Pattern Operations (FPAT)
  • Head Selection and Head Manual Switch Indicators

V6.60 R00

  • RN and RM Network Modes where designs cannot be downloaded while in Drive Mode

V6.50 R00

  • Offsets for sub soft limits

V6.40 R00

  • Added Quick Clamp Frame feature for the XT
  • Added new Quick Cap Mode icon
  • Added Slider Retry function
  • Fixed various other bugs

V6.30 R01

  • Added Needle Drop function to Applique
  • Added DNS setting in Network setup
  • Fixed various other bugs

V6.20 R00

  • Added MC#49 Function Mode - gives new SPO speed settings
  • Added MC#48 Trim Mode for additional trimmer options
  • Other various bug fixes

V6.10 R01

  • Added Light Curtain Function to restrict frame movement when activated

V6.10 R00

  • Added Mandatory Frame Trace function
  • Added Tie off stitch before trim parameter in MC
  • Added Frame limits to Cap Frame mode, and Frame outline file goes to "000:No Use" when Cap Frame mode is turned off

V6.00 R00

  • Added restriction to use USB and design edit keys in 'Drive mode'
  • Design display per head with Head Selection Function
  • Improved thumbnail view of designs in memory

V5.10 R02

  • Added easy 'one-touch' cap frame mode and shortcut function.
  • Allows multiple frame outline folders on a USB memory stick and in Automat memory.
  • Allows designs downloaded by DFS or LEM networking system to use the DSP (Digital Stitch Processing) function.

V5.10 R01

  • Fixed bug when inserting color code in F-List

V5.10 R00

  • Added light curtain function to XT

V3.90 R00
• Added MK-7 test feature

V3.80 R01
• Added Help Files feature

• USB Design Search feature
• Key Count function

V3.70 R01
• Added “Re-Setting Origin” icon to list of Short-cuts
• Compatibility with Delta Networking system
• Added Key History function for troubleshooting

V3.70 R00
• Updated for New LEM Pro3 software V4.02.00

• FMP codes for applique pantograph positioning
• Change menu location for “Resetting Origin” icon
• Allows Operator to log in with Bar code scanner (LEM Pro)
• D16 Bobbin Break code activated for LEM Reports