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Meistergram & B2000 Updates

Instructions for making B2000 and Meistergram system disks:

These machines do not read DOS-formatted floppy disks.

However, each of the download files contain a compressed, self-extracting "zip file." 
In other words, a small program that will create the disk for you.
NOTE: these programs will not run on Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows NT. 
They will run under Windows 98, 95, and MS-DOS.

  1. Download the file to your hard disk. Make a label with the proper update number that matches the (file), 

    and apply it to a Blank, 3.5" 720K DSDD floppy disk.

  2. Insert the floppy disk in the A:\ drive.
  3. Run the program that you downloaded.  The program will automatically un-zip the files and write them to the disk.

Universal System Disk Ver3: 5/25/2001

M-2000 (Meistergram)
Universal System Disk Ver3: 5/25/2001 

M2000 System Disk: 4/7/2000

M900 System Disk Version 2

M800 System Disk

M700 Upgrade
This is only for M700 machines with a floppy disk upgrade package. System tapes may be ordered from

M700 Upgrade System Disk