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K Series Languages

The K Series language files below are used to change the description for the icons on the display into different languages.

Brazil -

Chinese -

French -

Italian -

Japanese -

Portuguese -

Spanish -

Vietnamese -

Instructions for Downloading and Saving Language files

  1. Download the Language zip file above to your computer's hard drive.
  2. Unzip the Language files.
  3. Copy the Language files directly to the USB flash drive into the root directory.

Instructions for Installing Language files

  1. Insert the USB flash drive with the new Language files on it. 
  2. Press the SETTINGS Icon on the main screen to display the Preferences Menu.
  3. Press the LANGUAGE Icon to display the Language list. 
  4. Select an empty Language location in the list.
  5. Press the RESOURCE Icon to read the Language file on the USB flash drive.
  6. Select the new Language file on the USB flash drive.
  7. Press the INPUT Icon to load the new Language file into the Language list.
  8. After the new file is loaded, select it from the Language list to use it.NOTE:  Multiple language files can be loaded for future use.