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K Series Updates

The K Series software updates below are for the KS/KY, and KT machines.

Current release updated 01/30/24:

Operation and Control System Software V8.20 R02 System File for Operation V8.20 R02 and Control V8.20 R02 

This software is for Barudan "K" series machines. Specific model numbers include:

  • BEKY-S1502CII
  • BEKY-S1504CII
  • BEKY-S1506CII
  • BEKY-S1508CII
  • BEKS-S1512C
  • BEKS-S1515C
  • BEKT-S1501CII
  • BEKT-S1502CII
  • BEKT-S1501CAII

The first step is to check what system version your machine is currently running before proceeding. 

Instructions for checking which version of K software you have:

  1. Press the Settings icon on the main screen. Settings menu icons display with various options.
  2. Press the Version icon and the following screen displays:Operation System (OS):  Displays Operation Software Version
    Control System (CS):  Displays the Control Software Version
    Linux:  Displays Linux VersionCS-Boot:  Displays the Boot ROM Software VersionPower Frequency:  Displays Power Input Frequency

Instructions for Downloading and Saving the System file

  1. Download the System zip file above to your computer's hard drive.
  2. Unzip the system software file.
  3. Copy this system file (*.KSC) directly to the USB flash drive into the root directory.

Instructions for Updating System files

  1. Turn the power OFF at the Automat. 
  2. Insert the USB flash drive with the new system software on it. 
  3. While the machine is OFF, press and hold the ORIGIN key and then Power ON
  4. Hold the ORIGIN key until the automat makes an intermittent beeping sound, and the system update screen displays.
  5. Make sure the OS/CS icon above "A" is Grey to display the Operation and Control System Update screen.
  6. Select a .KSC System Software Version to update, if there are multiple files.
  7. Press and hold the Enter/Execute icon above "J" to start the system software update. 
  8. After the update completes, turn OFF the power and restart.
  9. After completing the software updates, turn the power OFF to exist the update menus.


Highlights of changes:

V8.20 R02 (Operation V8.20 R02 & Control V8.20 R02)

  • New frame setting for CBIII 1200 V-stroke machine
  • New trim parameter for Chenille machine

V8.20 R01 (Operation V8.20 R01 & Control V8.20 R01)

  • Various B-NET FDR3 improvements
  • Added Slow Stop function
  • Improved touch screen calibration

V8.20 R00 (Operation V8.20 R00 & Control V8.20 R00)

  • Ability to view the instruction manual on the Automat
  • Matrix design centering

V8.10 R00 (Operation V8.10 R00 & Control V8.00 R00)

  • Compatibility with New B-NET Enterprise Software's Production Support Mode

V8.00 R00 (Operation V8.00 R00 & Control V8.00 R00)

  • Compatibility with KT2 Automat
  • Changed D12 error head LED indication color to blue
  • Changed head LED blink rate for D25, D16, and D12 errors
  • Fixed motor calibration issue with KT2

V7.20 R00 (Operation V7.20 R00 & Control V7.20 R00)

  • Changed F-List A24 message to Beep sound instead
  • Changed Sort function in F-List to reset to default after exiting
  • Changed "OUTLINE" Icon name to "FRM.SET" in Trace menu
  • Fixed other bug issues

V7.10 R02 (Operation V7.10 R02 & Control V7.10 R02)

  • Fixed KT MK8 trimmer issue due to magnetic encoder mis-adjustment
  • Improved Frame Outline changes in Trace

V7.10 R01 (Operation V7.10 R01 & Control V7.10 R01)

  • Improved F-List to auto shift to next function after changes
  • Frame Outlines can be changed in Drive mode

V7.10 R00 (Operation V7.10 R00 & Control V7.10 R00)

  • Added Bobbin Counter trim options and production count
  • Auto Bobbin Changer support
  • Supports new A1811 CPU board in KS2 Automat
  • Other Blue screen and bug errors

V7.00 R06 (Operation V7.00 R06 & Control V7.00 R04)

  • Fixes Automat boot up Grey screen freeze
  • Start Point check function
  • Added new control for deceleration and jump division
  • Fixed FDR3 input error with missing thread serial numbers

V7.00 R04 (Operation V7.00 R04 & Control V7.00 R03)
This Version has a Software Bug - Do not use

  • Added trim setting for Bobbin counter
  • Improved Thread clamp control to reduce pullouts
  • Fixed FDR3 A05 read errors, when "Due date" was blank
  • Fixed other miscellaneous bugs 

V7.00 R02 (Operation V7.00 R01 & Control V7.00 R02)

  • Added Brake function on all KT models
  • Improved MK8 Trimmer Sensor Origin Seek
  • Fixed pantograph noise issue in H-direction on KT-CBIII model
  • Fixed MK8 Trimmer motor stop issue on KT-CII model
  • Fixed MK8 thread keep noise issue on all multi-head models

V7.00 R01 (Operation V7.00 R00 & Control V7.00 R01)

  • Supports Bluetooth Manager
  • Added Centering function
  • Easier Float to Drive mode operation
  • Other bug fixes

V6.40 R00 (Operation V6.40 R00 & Control V6.20 R00)

  • Added Matrixed Design view
  • Improved Network screen by adding network settings display
  • Improved various display screens
  • Blue screen fixes as well as other bug fixes

V6.30 R01 (Operation V6.30 R01 & Control V6.20 R00)

  • Added MK8 Parameter E Initialization Icon on Thread Length Control Screen

V6.30 R00 (Operation V6.30 R00 & Control V6.20 R00)

  • Fixed Software Bug with LEM Direct Download mode
  • Added MK8 Thread length control screen
  • Blue screen fix
  • Shortcut fix
  • Bug fix where wrong design is shown in Float mode
  • Other bug fixes

V6.20 R00 (Operation V6.20 R00 & Control V6.20 R00)
This Version has a Software Bug with LEM Direct Download mode

  • Changed Thread Clamp Control for thread pull out issue
  • Changed Default MK8 setting for KS/KY machines

V6.10 R00 (Operation V6.10 R00 & Control V6.10 R00)
This Version has a Software Bug with LEM Direct Download mode

  • Improved MK6 Trimming
  • Magnified Design View
  • Hoop Name on Main basic display
  • Improved One Touch Frame Settings
  • Fixed 2 Blue screen issues
  • Fixed LED Light Button missing on CBIII
  • Other bug fixes

V6.00 R00 (Operation V6.00 R00 & Control V6.00 R00)

  • Added Low speed limit setting
  • Improved Automat operation speed
  • Reduced restrictions on using machine parameter files
  • F-List re-numbering change when using 0st function
  • Fixed Mandatory trace bug in V5.10.R00
  • Fixed KT bug when power is first turned on

5.10 R00 (Operation V5.10 R00 & Control V5.10 R00)

  • Added 3 Speed setting for Frame trace
  • Added new MK8 Control to stop top thread from pinching after a trim
  • Added Twin Sequin device for KT
  • Various bug fixes

V5.00 R02 (Operation V5.00 R00 & Control V5.00 R02)

  • Added new CBIII Frame parameter (F. move)
  • Couple more bug fixes

V5.00 R01 (Operation V5.00 R00 & Control V5.00 R01)

  • Bug fix for V5.00R00. Automat freeze issue when power is left On

V5.00 R00 (Operation V5.00 R00 & Control V5.00 R00)

  • D40 error software bug fix for chenille machines

V4.50 R02 (Operation V4.50 R01 & Control V4.50 R02)
This update resets the Shortcuts to default settings
           Instructions to save and reload shortcuts - Click here  

  • 1st recommended software release for MK8 multi-head machines
  • D07 error bug fix for MK8 multi-head

V4.50 R01 (Operation V4.50 R01 & Control V4.50 R01)

  • D40 error software bug fix for chenille machines

V4.50 R00 (Operation V4.50 R00 & Control V4.50 R00)

  • Added large error message option
  • Improved MC/MSU Parameter file output/input
  • Reduced MK8 Trim motor sound on single heads
  • D07 errors when trimming with MK8
  • Improved setting hoop outline offsets

V4.40 R00 (Operation V4.40 R00 & Control V4.40 R00)

  • Fixed F-List software bug in V4.30R00
  • Improved MK8 Trimmer parameters
  • Improved Blue screen error message
  • Improved parameters for Count method tension assemblies
  • Improved operations for Scroll lists

V4.30 R00 (Operation V4.30 R00 & Control V4.30 R00)

  • Added Bluetooth to Network setup
  • Improved saving Help files
  • Added space list to trace screen like X-Series
  • Added Confirmation screens for changing Frame outlines, One touch Cap, and One touch Clamp
  • Added indicator for network Time Out mode when turned On

V4.20 R05 (Operation V4.20 R02 & Control V4.20 R05)

  • Fixed CL01 bug where pressing stop, panto stops, but sews a few more stitches
  • Fixed CL01 bug where machine is unable to run when D31 error occurs at start up

V4.20 R02 (Operation V4.20 R01 & Control V4.20 R02)

  • Changed Fatal Error message to just Error plus code number (Please restart the machine)
  • Fixed slider retry bug

V4.20 R00 (Operation V4.20 R00 & Control V4.20 R00)

  • KT-1501CAII compatibility with new tension assembly
  • Auto detection of Counter vs. Latch thread break and duct boards
  • Fixed cancel Drive mode bug
  • LEM bug fixes

V4.10 R01 (Operation V4.10 R01 & Control V4.10 R00)

  • Fixed bugs that caused "ERROR :INTERNAL COM." errors

V4.10 R00 (Operation V4.10 R00 & Control V4.10 R00)

  • KT Sequin compatibility
  • Output/Input of Shortcuts with USB device
  • Improved USB thumbprints
  • Resume running after Slider retry function
  • Fixed LEM event errors from K software V3.00R01

V4.00 R00 (Operation V4.00 R00 & Control V4.00 R00)

  • Add Chenille feature to K-Series
  • Added Signal tower feature to K-Series
  • Automatic time correction when using LEM
  • Added D31-1 error when MSU settings are wrong
  • Change image of Enter Icon
  • MK8 Stop positioning is more accurate
  • MC2 #7 Lock stitch default set from 1 to 3
  • Wi-Fi settings abolished with this version

V3.00 R00 (Operation V3.00 R00 & Control V3.00 R00)

  • First Version for KT Automat.
  • Barcode read test.
  • Head LED parameter for new tension assembly.
  • KT Buzzer type and volume parameters.
  • KT MK8 parameters and compatibility.
  • Added Thread break parameters for new tension assembly.
  • KT - Added Motor load rates test.
  • KT- Added software icons for turning LED lights On/Off.
  • Reboot message when power is turned On/Off too quickly.

V2.70 R00 (Operation V2.70 R00 & Control V2.60 R00)

  • Changed cap mode frame limits.
  • Changed network timeout icon.
  • Changed COM tape code operation.
  • Frame Outline check defaults to 1 (ON).
  • Barcode commands can now use lower and upper case. 

V2.60 R00 (Operation V2.60 R00 & Control V2.50 R00)

  • Auto-Drive Cancel mode added.
  • FMP (Frame Moving Point) shortcuts added.
  • Can use Japanese names for Designs.
  • Auto Design input added for R-N mode.
  • Tie-off stitches before trimming for Color changes.
  • Barcodes for Frame Outline Displays.
  • Network Frame Change (Time-Out) messages.
  • Bug fix for LEM Server Report for D12 Slider errors.

V2.50 R00 (Operation V2.50 R00 & Control V2.40 R00)

  • Added Matrix layout by design origin option.
  • Previous and Next Name Icons for Name Drop mode, added to Float and Shortcut menus.
  • Float exit menu improved.
  • Beeping indicator for Name Drop mode was added.
  • QWERTY keypad layout option added for character input.
  • Fixed issue with margin outline not centered in Frame outline limits.

V2.40 R00 

  • Auto Pick up function.
  • Trim Settings per needle bar.
  • 0st Status Return function.
  • R-N (Restricted Network) mode.
  • Sub Soft limit frame offsets.

V2.30 R01 (Operation V2.30 R01 & Control V2.20 R00)

  • Designs can be saved on the USB root.
  • New Icon Display for the Security Timer.

V2.20 R00

  • Head Selection Change. P01=Head 1 Only, P02=Head 2 Only, etc.

V2.10 R00

  • Easy Operation Mode.
  • Frame Outline Display Limits.
  • Direct Operations for Shortcuts.
  • Slider Retry.
  • Design Write-Protect.
  • Cap Mode Icon Change.

V2.00 R00

  • Serious bug fix for internal memory.
  • Added Home button.
  • Added F Pattern function.
  • Added more display options for Utility area.
  • Can make Memos for Utility area.

V1.40 R01

  • General and network bug fixes.

V1.30 R01

  • Fixed issue with blue screen error.
  • Fixed issue with cap mode needing to be selected twice.

V1.30 R00

  • Added mandatory trace feature.
  • Added tie-offs before trims to MC2 #07 Lock stitch settings.
  • Fixed network subnet mask issue.

V1.20 R00

  • Added function for outputting and saving MC/MSU parameters. 
  • Multiple languages has been expanded from 2 to 4.
  • Maximum speed setting was added to MC2.
  • Added shortcut function for changing "All Functions".