Help Files

The Help Files Feature on our new X and K Series machines displays various information for help and troubleshooting. It contains the following information.

    • Error Code Explanations
    • Quick Reference Guide
    • Lubrication Guides
    • Automat Key Explanations

Please note that there are 3 different Help Files downloads depending on the model type as follows.

KT Models only:

KT Only Help Files Download 

KS and KY Models:

KS/KY Only Help Files Download 

NOTE:  For K Series machines, you can load these files in memory on your Automat. Then the error messages can also be viewed when an error appears on the display and you click on Help. See the following instructions for loading them.

To use and load these files on your K-Series machine:

1. Download the correct file for your machine.

2. Unzip file.

3. Save to the root of a USB memory device.

4. Insert USB memory device in the Automat (Use USB1 slot on the front right side)

5. Press the "Settings" Icon to display the Preference menu.

6. Press the "HELP" Icon in the menu.

7. Press the "USB1" Icon in the menu.

8. Press the "USB INPUT" Icon above the letter "I".

9. Press the "ERROR" Icon above the letter "A".

10. Press the "YES" Icon above the letter "A" to start loading the files.                                                                                                                      Note: An A28 message will appear for several seconds while the files are loading. 


All X-Series:

X-Series Help Files Download 

NOTE:  For X Series machines, this feature was active with X Series operation and control software update version 3.80 R00 and newer. 

If you do not have this software or newer, please update your X Series software to this version.

To use these files:

1. Download this file.

2. Unzip file.

3. Save to the root of a USB memory device.

See instruction manual for more details on the Help Files Feature.